These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Some are sexy. Some are funny. Some are Star Wars!

We don’t have anything to do with your fucking debt. What are you talking about? You did such a horrible job constructing your infrastructure and financing wars that you spent thirteen trillion dollars that no one has? And you expect people to be responsible for that?

What percentage of the people make those choices? Is it even one one hundredth of one percent? We should feed them to hyenas, all of them. You want to talk about a miss? ‘Oh, we’re just trying to manage the economy…’ You missed it by THIRTEEN TRILLION.

—Joe Rogan (via nathanielstuart)


Girls in thong panties with a tan line that matches,
Dead lifts and front squats, power cleans and snatches.
Battling the wife in a game is X-Wing,
These are a few of my favorite things!

For kinslow44

Beautiful! But I think it is supposed to say “in a game OF X-Wing”!